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I always had a passion for travelling and bikes from a very young age but never could start out early, as I had lost my father and a very close friend of mine at a very early and crucial stage of my life, Leaving me at the edge of life ,were I had my career to make and stand on my own feet.

After working hard and building my business, I was finally independent and Settled enough to follow my passion and love for Travelling and Biking. Life was tough back then in 2015, but then life changed a lot for me after having travelled and seen the world inside out, I had a lot changed in me. Thereafter ,I was a new person With a Stronger mindset and mentality.

But then, Somehow, I made my life a bit easier and by then I was no longer looking back. I decided to share my life with the rest of the world and found YouTube as the perfect platform to showcase myself in front of the world and connect with people across the globe. I wanted to share my experience while traveling and all necessary things they are missing or even how to deal with problems while traveling various places in various ways. So in 2017 MR SPEED , my YouTube channel was born


I have made a lot of memories and friends throughout this beautiful Journey and hope to reach a lot more people having the common interest in something, we both love and could learn more from it. 
The rest is History and now I feel so blessed to have you, Yes the person reading this and everyone else that has made me what I am today , from just being another someone to being one of the most loved and followed Youtubers of Odisha.

All I can say is there are only two ways to live your life. One, where nothing is a miracle. The other,where everything is a miracle. Everyone has something that they love and would want to do in their life but due to some reason, they are not able to, my only advice would be to try to keep yourself happy first and then care about what people say or would say. Because "Kuch Toh Log Kaheinge, Logon ka kaam hain kehana" (No matter what you do ,People will Judge, whether its good or bad) but you never wish bad on them and just move on because Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.


Finally, I would love to bow down to all you followers and subscribers for loving me immensely and having my back as always, as a support. 
Thank You, so much. LOVE YOU ALL.


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